Writing Help

I consult directly with agents and publishers on select nonfiction projects. Clients include Vice President Kamala Harris, United Nations Under-Secretary for Global Communications Melissa Fleming, Creative Artists Agency, Flatiron Books, Roaring Brook Press, and Sounds True.

More information coming soon. And watch this space for thoughts and tips on writing and the writing life!


What people say about working with me:

In addition to being an exceptional writer and editor, Dorothy has an in-depth knowledge of both the publishing industry and of the author’s experience of the writing process. She deftly guides writers from idea to completed project, helps them navigate the publishing process, and delivers the top-level proposals and manuscripts agents and editors need.
–Mollie Glick, Agent, Creative Artists Agency

In my experience working with Dorothy, she has brought an incredible amount of heart, intention, professionalism, and excellence to every project and interaction. She shows up fully to identify and meet the needs of her projects, is a true champion for her authors and colleagues alike, and offers a genuine spirit of collaboration. Dorothy is a joy to know and work with and I can’t recommend her more highly.
–Jaime Schwalb, Associate Publisher, Sounds True

It has been such a pleasure working with Dorothy on various adaptation projects. She’s incredibly creative, a problem-solver at heart, and utterly professional each step of the way…She’s flexible, knowledgeable, deadline-oriented, and I completely trust her with these projects. A great writer and a wonderful colleague.
-Emily Feinberg, Editor, Roaring Brook Press

I could not have written my book, A Hope More Powerful than the Sea, without Dorothy Hearst’s masterful writing support. She taught me the ins and outs of book publishing and the art of writing in long form. She also gave me confidence when my writing felt blocked or clunky, and she steered me with insightful tips on how to improve. She provided chapter-by-chapter polishing, and her edits and additions helped bring the scenes into more vivid focus with color and emotion. If I ever write another book, I will turn to Dorothy again and would recommend her highly to any writer with book ambitions. — Melissa Fleming, Author and United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications

I had the great pleasure and benefit of working with Dorothy Hearst to complete my book Democracy’s Edge, a work of which I am particularly proud. One reason is that Democracy’s Edge benefitted from the careful attention of Ms. Hearst, a skilled editor able to work not only with my words but with the core concepts that drove the work’s message.

In my history with nineteen books and many editors, I can recall no other editor who so understood my intent and was able to help me realize my vision for a “high concept” work that is also completely accessible to any lay reader.

I felt we were partners with deep, mutual regard
–Frances Moore Lappé,