Information for Educators on The Wolf Chronicles

“This is one of the rare books reviewed here on AB4T that is suitable for readers as young as middle school. There is no reason that The Wolf Chronicles should not be recommended to younger readers.”  —School Library Journal,  Adult Books for Teens review


Thank you for visiting the educator section of my website, which is intended to be a resource for librarians, teachers, and others who help young people experience the joys of reading.

When my agent and I first sent Promise of the Wolves out into the world, we sent it to both children’s and adult publishers. The trilogy has found a happy home in Simon & Schuster’s adult publishing division, but I’ve always intended it to be for young readers as well.  I hear from readers as young as nine who have enjoyed the books, as well as from high school and college students.

I had the good fortune to go to ALA in Las Vegas in 2014.  Here are some of the things I was told I should tell you about the books:

  1. No sex, no profanity, not about werewolves.
  2. The violence in the book is nature documentary type violence.
  3. The books are based on extensive research on wolf behavior, biology and prehistoric life. The wolf behavior is realistic (except that they speak English).
  4. Kaala is an independent, strong female character and leader.  Kaala does not defer to male wolves or look to a male wolf to lead her.
  5. Boys as well as girls enjoy the books.  Kaala’s best friend is Ázzuen, a smart, funny male wolf.  Many boys have written to me, telling me that Ázzuen is their favorite character. Other boys relate to Tlitoo, the trickster raven who keeps Kaala from taking herself too seriously.
  6. A leadership tale. In addition to being a coming-of-age story and an adventure, The Wolf Chroniclesis Kaala’s journey to leadership.
  7. Reluctant readers have enjoyed the book. I hear from the parents of reluctant readers as well as from young people themselves that the wolves have turned them on to reading.
  8. The books draw on Norse mythology, Native American tradition, and European folklore.

I would love to do anything I can to help young readers get their paws on The Wolf Chronicles. 

If you are interested in in-person of virtual school visitslet me know