Spirit of the Wolves


—Book Sense pick

“A vivid, enchanting tale of friendship, trust and adventure.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A crackling foray into a dangerous past. . . The relationships between the human characters and wolf characters are keenly felt and the conflicts sharply imagined. Hearst’s keen interpretations of wolf behavior, senses and sensibilities will enchant paranormal fans and animal lovers alike.”
Publishers Weekly

“If you loved Watership Down, you should not miss reading Promise of the Wolves.”
—Jean Auel, author of The Clan of the Cave Bear and The Shelters of Stone

“The story of Kaala and her pack takes readers on a journey into a rich and fascinating world. A remarkable look into the mind of another kind of being.”
—Temple Grandin, Author of Animals in Translation

“I quickly fell in love with Kaala and the life of the wolves. I found myself struggling to put the book down because I wanted so badly to find out the fate of Kaala and her pack, along with the humans. So whether you’re a wolf lover or not, I’d recommend picking up this book. You definitely won’t regret it.”

“Enchanting. . .a wonderful first installment.”
—Elizabeth Willse, The Star Ledger

“[Promise of the Wolves] beguiles with its dazzling imaginings of the relationship between wolves and mankind.”
—The Daily Telegraph

“For anyone who ever wanted to run with the wolves. . .dog owners may even learn a thing or two about their pet’s inner life.”
—Library Journal

“A vividly conceived creation myth.”