An original story from The Wolf Chronicles on Wattpad

Hi everyone,

I’ve posted The Atonement of Clendru, a short story prequel to The Wolf Chronicles at Wattpad.

Here’s a bit of it.  Check out the whole story here.

In a cave, high on a mountain, a wolf awoke from a sleep three years long

He was larger than an ordinary wolf so large, in fact, that the muzzle of an ordinary wolf would come only to his shoulder and a raven could walk under his chest without bending.  He was so weary and heartbroken that it would have hurt any who might look upon him.

Clendru of the Greatwolves wondered if he was truly awake or still dreaming.  Then he felt the unaccustomed warmth in the air. He nuzzled his mate awake, cringing from the sadness in her eyes.

“The air is warm,” he said. He’d thought the winter would last forever.

Ilsdra raised her muzzle to the slight breeze, her nose twitching. “The Wide Valley,” she said, and she said it softly. Her tawny eyes met his.  “Are we forgiven?” she whispered.

One by one, the giant wolves who lay slumped throughout the cave awoke.  They stretched aching muscles and blinked years of sleep from their eyes.  Slowly, they began to recall why they had sought refuge in their cave, why sorrow haunted their dreams.  They remembered that they had made a promise they had not kept, and that the long, cold winter was their punishment.

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