Of Mice and Me, part one

I’ve now caught four mice in my apartment. Day before yesterday, I got what I think was the matriarch. Big ol’ chubby mouse that headed for a log when I released it in Tilden park. Last night, there were two mini-mice in the trap. So far, I’ve been using the humane traps, since I like giving them a fair shot at a new life. but it seems like our building has a pretty bad infestation, so I might have to go medieval on their furry little butts soon.

The students who live downstairs from me found a LOT of mouse evidence (during finals week, poor things), and I’ve been hearing quite a bit of scrabbling in the walls.

It is NOT keeping me up or driving me out of my office to work in the living room. I am NOT hesitating before going into my closet, and I am NOT squirrelly about opening drawers in my kitchen. I ain’t afraid of no mice.

Does anyone have a cat I can borrow?


  1. why you no traduce your second book to the spanish?

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