Book Three News!

My buddies seem to like the third book!

My early readers seem to like the third book!


Thanks to everyone who has been writing to me about the release date for the third part of Kaala’s story! The final manuscript is completed and with my publisher now!  I hope to have news soon as to the release date. My two buddies here approve, and I can’t wait to share with everyone.

I’m also hoping to be here in blogland a bit now. I get pretty obsessive when I’m writing, and neglect other stuff. But there are all sorts of things going on in the wolf world, the writing world, and inside my head.

I look forward to talking to everyone more soon!



  1. Really looking forward for it! I hope it will release in the Netherlands soon! (Or I’ll just buy a copy online…)

  2. Gabbi Garcia says

    I’m so excited!! I can’t wait till the release date, i have been checking every other month, but i checks toward the beggining of September. I’m just so excited. YAY!! Your books are the one of the only connections I have to me old bestfriends.

  3. Great to hear you finally have it completed. I’m really looking forward to it after the first two for sure!!! 🙂

  4. Breanna Fahnestock says

    -does happy dance- I’m so happy to hear that the third book is almost complete!

  5. andrew parker says

    wahoooo kalaa get out of the pit and fullfill your destiny!!! cant wait to read it!!!

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