How I Went From Hating Research to Loving It

Ever wonder how a writer researches a novel? The wonderful YAReviewNet asked me to write an article about it. It would be an understatement to stay I was NOT a born researcher.  Here is the opening of the article. You can follow the link at the end of the passage below, or go straight to the article here!

How I Went From Hating Research to Loving It
I was minding my own business the day the wolves barged into my apartment, demanding that I write about them.  I was thinking about dogs, and how amazing it is that we have such a close relationship with them. I had recently read “The Botany of Desire,” in which Michael Pollan discusses plant evolution and its effect on human evolution.  That’s when a little voice in my head said, “I want to write about how the wolf evolved into the dog from the wolf’s point of view.”

I wrote about ten pages, and realized that I knew almost nothing about wolves and even less about ancient times.  I began to resist the story.  I hated research.  It  was boring and I was no good at it.  I’d find something else to write.

Resistance was futile; the wolves wanted their story told. I found myself in the Natural Sciences section of a bookstore  holding a book called “The Wolf Almanac” by Robert Busch. A few minutes later “People of the Earth: An Introduction to Prehistory” by Brian Fagan leapt into my hands.  Read the rest here!


  1. Umm i love wolves . I kinda want to know what font you used for the book because i like it[‘dunno what that has to do with anything though]. Also i personally agree with you on probrably most things i written here, to get a feel of what i mean you can check out my blog
    Keep writing
    HOWL ON!

  2. Hi i just got done reading your book of “promise of the wolves” and was wondering if there was a next book leading to it. Kaala’s story in the book stoped. and it let me wondering. So i started to look for the next book, and found this website. The white wolf, and also has he same title “promise of the wolves.” is it the same book? or the next book? i would like to here from you. thankss

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