Resolutions from a writing cave escapee

Now that I have completed and submitted the draft of “Secrets of the Wolves,” it’s time to crawl out of the writing cave.  It is also time for some resolutions.  None of these is made up. Except the measuring cups.  It was really a travel mug.

1.    A Trader Joe’s tote bag does not, even in the city of Berkeley, qualify as a briefcase.

2.    It is acceptable when very busy to run out of soy milk, bread, soap or paper towels. It is never, however, acceptable to run out of garlic.

3.    The hair on my upper lip does not make me look sexier, even when braided.

4.    A fleece jacket, even if black, is not formalwear.

5.    If one has particularly short legs, it is acceptable to cut off the bottom of a pair of sweatpants with scissors. It is not, however, acceptable to then use the cut off part of the hem as a headband.

6.    When company arrives, measuring cups will not be used in lieu of wine glasses.

7.    Heretofore, I will have only two categories of clothing:  “clean” and “dirty.”  Not “clean,” “dirty,” and “other.”

8.    The fact that I have worn through everything else in my closet does not give me carte blanche to wear clothing I wore in the 80’s.  I didn’t look good in shoulder pads the first time around.

9.    That white thing in my kitchen that has burners and a door is called an oven.

10.    Grapefruit and Post-Its do not a good combination make.

11.    Never play poker with your big sister. She knows when you’re bluffing and will tell everyone else at the table. (Ok, that has nothing to do with writing. It’s just good advice).

12.    Going forward, I will clean the kitchen before I find myself unable to unearth any source of caffeine.

13.    A Law and Order marathon is not a social life.

14.    The dry cleaner did not shrink my pants. #writersbutt

15.    I will eat Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels for no more than one meal per day. Ok, two.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome, when do you think the book will be published? I hope its sometime soon, its been forever!
    By the way, that third one scared me. A lot.

  2. It’s good to see another post! : D
    Amazon says the book will be out on 4 January next year. I don’t want to wait that long! ;-;
    I love #7. x3

  3. I don’t want to wait either! But ah we know it is coming now:-) Joy!
    Any self respecting woman knows that the dry cleaner DID shink your pants!:-)

  4. Just go back to college and you won’t have to have so many resolutions 😉 Most of those are just they way we live haha You should take a trip to celebrate the submission!! 😀
    I am beyond excited to read this development; I’ve reread The Promise about five times now and it keeps getting better each time!

  5. Oh! And in case you haven’t seen the advertisements, I’m sure you’d love to watch this 🙂 Though I suspect you’ll have already read/researched most of what the show will have.

  6. 😀 its great to hear that!!! wolves r my favorite animal ever! so i really like the books!!

  7. I really liked the Promise of the Wolves and i cant wait for the second book!!
    Greetings from Argentina

  8. So excited for the next book to come out. Keep up the good work, both in entertaining and educating. As a seasoned wolf-nut, even I learned a few things after reading “Promise”, and I’m excited to, ah, sink my fangs into the next one. I’m curious if we’ll be seeing any more of Pell, or the Stone Peaks in general! And Borlla, what happened to her..?
    So many questions, all of which I hope might get some answers 😀

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